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Not all marketing attribution models are created equal. If your digital marketing solution is not taking advantage of unified marketing measurement, your legacy, outdated measurement models can give inaccurate recommendations, costing you time, money, and frustration in the process For example, if your digital marketing platform is using media mix modeling or single-touch attribution, your team will constantly be relying on outdated, historical metrics, or could be missing key data regarding the buyer’s journey. Choose digital marketing platforms that use only updated, state-of-the-art attribution models, to make sure the “data foundation” of all your digital marketing campaigns is strong, reliable, and consistently accurate.

Digital marketing platforms are powerful resources for businesses attempting to be present across a multitude of online channels,  and ensuring this presence is driving value (and sales!). Tools like Marketing Evolution’s single closed-loop platform enable marketers to measure and optimize marketing performance, sales, and engagement by providing a holistic view into the success of a campaign at every touchpoint. With the ability to track granular data like media exposures, sales, and geolocation, you can derive actionable insights that can inform decisions and guide marketing efforts in the future.

Before choosing a digital marketing platform, determine your goals and KPIs to find the platform that covers the correct functionality to align with your business needs.

The bottom line: your digital marketing strategy is only as good as the platforms (and data!) it’s built on, and choosing the right digital marketing platforms can open up your brand to a whole new level of efficiency, results, and success.

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