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Marketing automation platforms can be invaluable to any digital marketing strategy. Like so many other digital marketing strategies, marketing automation can be “stacked” on top of other digital marketing platforms to multiply and increase their effects.

The simplest way to describe marketing automation platforms is to refer to them as software that can perform routine marketing actions on behalf of a business without the need for human action. This lack of need for human action is a key benefit for marketing automation platforms. This means the platform can essentially “run” parts of a business’ digital marketing strategy on its own, without increasing staff needs or payroll costs.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Email Nurture Campaigns


A simple example of how many businesses use marketing automation platforms is through email “nurture” campaigns. Both before and after a sale is made. When a customer purchases a product on a company’s website, perhaps a new computer from a tech site. The company will likely use automation of some type to email a receipt to the customer. They could follow that up with a “thank you” email or text, along with the tracking number of the customer’s order.

Further, email asking for a review of the product a few weeks after the purchase is delivered. Conversely, if the customer did not buy the computer, but instead left it in their online cart. Also, provided their email to be notified when it was on sale. The company would likely not only notify the customer when their prospective purchase was discounted. But might also provide ideas for other complementary products the customer could add to their order.

Small actions like these, made possible by marketing automation platforms. It can create significant upticks in sales, driving an average of 14.5% in sales productivity. Also, reducing marketing overhead by 12.2% in the process.

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